最近愛上咗 #everpix ,開咗兩個accounts,一個sync instagram,一個sync 自己private 相。iOS 7 好明顯係inspired by everpix。尋日開始收到佢最新功能flashback嘅每日一email,顧名思義flashback就係提番自己一年前今日自己影過啲乜。尋日收到都不以為意(暫時兩個accounts只有sync instagram嘅夠多相sync超過一年),但係今朝收到就真係有感觸嘅感覺,亦非常敬佩everpix開發新功能嘅觸角。其實當年今日係非常簡單嘅data mining。instagram最大嘅問題係佢儲咗我3805幅相,但係到目前為止佢好似冇諗過我有需要睇番依啲相或者幫我諗一諗點樣可以有效地處理同管理我放係佢度啲相。多得flashback,我不費吹灰之力就知道舊年今日係星期二(可能佢系統係用美國時間,所以7月4日香港時間收到舊年7月3日嘅相),當日一大清早我去咗陽明山莊陪帶病嘅好朋友練郭林氣功,佢有佢唔出聲練功,我有我練瑜伽,嗰幾鐘頭大家未曾講過一句說話。好友上星期六已經被癌症帶走咗,咁你話今朝收到封email,見到啲相點會唔感觸。好多謝everpix係依個時候自動帶番啲我同carmen相處過嘅回憶片段俾我。

a99v first week

a week had passed and i managed to have tried each of my full frame a-mount lenses on the A99V at least once. while it was my original intention to try them all as quickly as possible, i didn’t really have plans for my aps-c a-mount lenses when i picked up the camera last week. until couple of days ago i decided to give the DT 16-50mm F2.8 SSM a try, just to see how pictures of the cropped mode look. the moment i mounted the lens, i knew i would be keeping the 16-50mm even though i had planned to sell all my aps-c cameras and lenses in the near future. the 16-50mm actually feels more matched to the slightly heavier and bigger A99V body than the A77V. it’s also my only lens that is weather sealed to match that of the A99V body. i haven’t yet tried comparing the physical body of  A99V against A77V yet, but, other than the obvious size and weight difference, i do notice the plastic covers that cover various ports of A99V have different hinges design than those of A77V. overall, the A99V feels more sturdy and weather-proof than A77V.




in cropped mode shooting, the maximum image size that A99V can capture is 3936 x 2624 pixels, approximately 10 million pixels. yes, the resolution is considerably less than the  maximum of 24 million pixels that the A99V is capable of capturing in full frame mode. but i can see the combination makes for an ideal walk-around camera, especially on rainy days, without adding much burden to my shoulders using my favourite customslr glide strap. the manual doesn’t say anything about how much angle of view are being cropped in cropping mode, but i guess probably around 1.5x. that would make the angle of view of the 16-50mm on A99V in cropped mode similar to that of the 24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM on A99V in full frame mode. will confirm this next week by shooting some side-by-side shots using the two lenses.

meantime, the followings are links to my first week A99V photos shot with the respective headline lenses: